Jasmine Navarro
Certified Coach
DELTA® Certified Teacher

The Creative Confidence Course For Educators

Creative Confidence is an easy-to-use program for educational instructors and life coaches to use with their clients. It has clear explanations and guidelines to follow throughout. The simple structure of the program and clear guidance that accompanies it allows both the instructor/life coach and client to follow with ease. It is hosted on UnitusTI cloud. 

Why use Creative Confidence?


The Creative Confidence program is a series of fun and interactive workshops, using different creative materials to approach topics in a natural and organic way. As the instructor, you will use:

  • Story-telling

  • Role-plays

  • Art

  • Mindfulness

  • Visualisations 

  • Embodiment exercises

Engagement and Enjoyment

This variety of activities allows deeper engagement and more enjoyment for the client. 


The Creative Confidence program is made to be flexible and can be used and adapted according to the instructors’ and clients’ needs. The workshops and workbooks can be completed in any order, on their own and/or one after the other - and are completely adaptable. Additional activities can be added on to suit the client.


The methodology and materials used by the Creative Confidence program is flexible and can be adjusted to the clients’ interests to maintain their engagement and motivation at all times. 


Creative Confidence uses a diagnostic assessment to quickly identify where the client is satisfied and unsatisfied in their life and give them a snapshot of the results in minutes. This gives the instructor and client a clearer view of the clients’ key areas in their life, and their thoughts surrounding them. This assessment can then be used as a stepping stone into the coaching sessions, and direct them accordingly.


A post-program assessment works as a comparison and to see key learnings, changes, improvements, etc of the clients’ progress/self-discovery journey. 


This program is about promoting individuality. It’s subjective and encourages self-exploration, self-awareness and self-discovery - all geared towards creating confidence and independence in teens and young adults.

Unlike other educational materials in the field, the Creative Confidence program has been created specifically for teens and young adults to help them build their self-confidence. Interactivity, colours and visual aids are used throughout the program, combined with simple language, to avoid overwhelm for both the instructor and client/s. 


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