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This podcast is about raising awareness on real topics, having real conversations with real people.  Authenticity and humour are key and perfection is not welcome! Hoping to inspire, support and help people feel connected and relieve them from feelings of loneliness.


Series 1

 I interview 18-24 year olds who share some challenging experiences they faced during their teenage years, key learnings and what would have made it easier for them. In doing these interviews, I’m hoping to help and support other teenagers who are going through similar situations.

INTERVIEWS Listen to Nava appearances on radio, podcasts, and more:

Life coaching during the pandemic - LifeJasmine Navarro
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Developing Courage - Minutes on Growth PodcastJasmine Navarro
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‘Stress and fear can make us shy away from other people, but if we want to boost our courage, we need the opposite,’ reveals Jasmine Navarro. Click here to read the full article.

Dorset spotlight September 22

Check out page 34-35 to read more about 10 steps to beat anxiety when starting secondary school.

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Find out what Jasmine Navarro, award-winning certified coach has to say about the Way To Go. Click Here.

Do you alienate your spouse from your kids?

Click Here To Tune In! Jasmine on Dubai Eye Radio about this topic: "Do you alienate your spouse from your kids?"

Jasmine Navarro Family Coach

Check out page 33 of this magazine to read what happens in a teen's head when they can't raise their hand in class.

Loneliness article

Read this featured article about managing loneliness as an entrepreneur written by Jasmine Navarro.

Echo feature Jasmine Navarro

Did you ever ask yourself how to help the young to build confidence? Read here what Jasmine suggests.


Did you know that Jasmine is a Co-author to an amazon best seller? Click here to find out more here.

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Jasmine cares not only about the wellbeing of teenagers and their partents. She also has a view on protecting the environment. Click here to read more.