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Forced into the future

Forced into the future
Forced into the future

The dreaded fortune teller

My friend and I were in Venezuela visiting my dad...


My uncle was calling me, saying that there was somebody who wanted to speak to me.

I went upstairs nervously. I never really trusted my uncle, especially after he had stolen our tube of toothpaste! And even when we took it back, he stole it again! What a cheek…

Once I got upstairs, I could see my dad crying. A spiritual fortune teller was shouting things - it was all very strange! My dad said that I should have a reading as well. I guess I didn’t think I had a choice, so I just sat down. I was quite scared, unsure of what was to come.

Negative stones

I was told to choose a life topic to discuss. Suddenly, the lady started shouting at me in tongues (the language people use to speak to spirits) and eventually told me to pick a stone from a selection on the table. I picked a big grey one, which apparently was a negative one, which meant the fortune would be negative too. This went on for a while, and though the topics kept changing, I kept picking the big grey stone resulting in bad answers for my future.

How to forget this

By this point, I was feeling super uncomfortable and I just wanted to get out of there. The fortune teller told me I would be in a plane crash in my mid-thirties and a whole host of other scary things. The worst thing about it was, that for the next 20 years, I never forgot her voice and the things she said to me and how she made me feel. I was only 18 at the time and the words stuck with me for that long - always lingering in the back of my mind when I was making decisions about my life and its direction.

Words matter

Eventually, I was able to consciously work on this and teach myself how to let these words, and the emotions attached to them, go.

It made me realise; the words we hear when we are teens are extremely powerful and can echo in our ears for a lifetime.

What words do your teens hear from you? What impact do you think they have?

What words do you say to yourself daily? What impact do they have on you?

Message me to learn techniques to deepen your self-awareness of your thoughts, actions and choices.

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