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My podcast

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This podcast is about raising awareness on real topics, having real conversations with real people.  Authenticity and humour are key and perfection is not welcome! Hoping to inspire, support and help people feel connected and relieve them from feelings of loneliness.


Series 1

 I interview 18-24 year olds who share some challenging experiences they faced during their teenage years, key learnings and what would have made it easier for them. In doing these interviews, I’m hoping to help and support other teenagers who are going through similar situations.

The Foghorn Podcast featured on ICF:
Be kind to yourself to succeed

Be kind to yourself to succeed

The Foghorn Podcast featured on ICF:
You never know what one opportunity can lead 


Interview with Graeme Flaws, Operations Director at Serco Middle East and member of the Inclusive Employment Ecosystem (IEE) at The Butterfly.


Interviewing a range of experts on different topics every week since June 2020!

My weekly LinkedIn Live

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