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Creative Confidence Programs
10 Pre-recorded workshops

Recorded workshops

Each workshop is made up of
5-10 videos

Each video is
1 - 4 minutes

Jasmine Navarro
Certified Coach
DELTA® Certified Teacher

Engagement and Enjoyment

Creative Confidence is an online interactive program with optional workbooks taking you through the key steps to confidence.

You will get instant access upon payment to the whole program which you can enjoy at your own pace and leisure, wherever you are, in the comfort of your own home.

By the end of this program, you will:


  • Learn the skills, strategies and tools to lead a confident life

  • Know how to build confidence and maintain healthy self-esteem

  • Increase emotional self-awareness

  • Set healthy boundaries

  • Express and share feelings in a healthy way

  • Discover passions and enhance talents in a fun and creative way

  • Find out what success means to you and achieve personal and professional goals so that you will feel empowered, encouraged and confident in creating success in your life

10 Pre-recorded workshops


Each workshop is made up of 5-10 videos

£325 $400 AED1500

Creativ Confidence for educators

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